Redirect Lightning

(This post is actually made at august 30)

This morning, I read a note of my friends, and it inspired me today. When I  read it, I suddenly remembered something immediately, “Redirect Lightning”.
Redirect lightning is one of fire control stance (based on Avatar, The Last Airbender series .. hehe). This stance was discovered by Uncle Iroh while learning the techniques of water bending, he then taught it to Zuko who then taught it to Aang. The point is to divert lightning that first attacked us, become a counter-attack (gee, really indescribable).
Because I was so excited, I watched the episode again to refresh my memory, and record some quotes .. hehe.
Quote 1.
“You must let go of your feeling of shame if you want your anger to go away”

“Pride is not the opposite of shame, but its source. True humility is the only antidote to shame”
(I hope I did not misheard .. hehe)
~ It’s the words of Uncle Iroh, when Zuko stuck and annoyed because he continually fails to produce lightning.

Sometimes when we fail or make mistakes, we (or maybe just me .. heu) feel angry, upset and ashamed of ourselves that can make us lose our confidence and lose the motivation to move forward. Well, unfortunately, when that happened, we often don’t want to admit it, right? We coated it by lying to ourselves and imposing to assume that we are right, then force ourselves to take pride in what we do instead of doing the evaluation.
In my opinion, sometimes regret is necessary anyway, as long as we still in this world, there’s still a chance to fix it. Instead of realize it in the afterlife, there is no chance anymore.
So, yes it does, the solution is, “true humility” as we are aware of the real meaning of the human being, in which we are living is not perfect, not versatile. There is a power far greater than ourselves. There is a Regulator of the universe, that we were nothing, and can not do anything without His help. It could be, failures or any polemic we are dealing with is a warning, because we are negligent, or because we are forgot of the purpose of our lives. Kyaa … :'(.

Quote 2.
“If you let the energy in your body flow, the lightning will follow it. You must create the pathway from your fingertips, up to your arm, to your shoulder, then down into your stomach. From the stomach, you direct it up again and out the other arm.

You must not let the lightning pass to your heart, where the damage could be deadly”
~This is uncle Iroh direction when taught Zuko Redirect Lightning stance.

I don’t know whether it’s suitable or not, I analogize “lightning” as a big problem /ordeal that come to us (remember that lightning is the expert version of the fire ..: p).
Well, when we could manage it with the “right path”, I mean we create the path to solve it, that problem will come out as our strength.
But , if we failed to manage it, than “the damage could be deadly”. Maybe, if the problem is not solved, and stuck in our heart constantly, we may be plagued by turmoil and endless grief for the rest of our life. Gyaboo..

That interpretation I wrote, anyway, I do not know whether this is really what Uncle Iroh (or the creator of this series) means .. haha



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