I am only ordinary human being that have been given chance to live in this earth, and will be asked about how I use that chance and everything given to me.
Instead of talking about myself, I think telling why this page named “blagodatima” is more make sense…:D

I always take a loooong thinking for deciding name of anything, like teams, cats, stuffs, email, alias, baby (still dont have), and many other. I want to have deep-touching-memorable-meaningful name. Also for this blog..:D

And finally, I decided “blagodatima zahvalan” (original name, but because it is too long, then I cut the ‘zahvalan’ part).
It came from bosnian language. I found it in translation of AlQuran in bosnian language.
It is from surah Al Balad verse 11, which in arab language is “Aqabah”, in english means uphill road.
Actually, I have named one of my team “Aqabah” before, and I really like this meaning. So for this blog, I converted it in other language then it will still hold that awesome-touching-spiritful meaning.. 😀

Apakah Aqabah itu ?
Yaitu melepaskan perbudakan,
atau memberikan makan di hari kelaparan,
kepada yatim yang dekat,
atau kepada orang miskin yang sangat lapar,
kemudian ia termasuk orang yang beriman,
dan saling berpesan dalam kesabaran, dan saling berpesan dalam kasih sayang.
Merekalah golongan kanan.

After doing some research in bosnian language, I conclude that blagodatima means “ni’mah” and zahvalan means “syukur”. So, hopefully, this blog will always full with ni’mah that will remind us (especially me) about the right path we should take, and selamat dunia akhirat.

With this blog,
I want to write the hierarchial view that I learnt from my daily life,
I want to keep track on my target (fighting code!!!),
I want to remember my experience on something,
I want to write what I feel,
I want to have fun (perhaps with some absurd thing…:p)
I want to…conquare this world….mwahahahaha… (apasih)

At first, this blog is for self-consumed and I want it to always be invisible.
But who knows what’ll happen next?


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